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Elisabeth M. Boehm.

Author of the most expensive postcards.


books and postcards by E. BEM

book Illustrations and drawings


Coins of Russia in 2020

All Bank of Russia coins for 2020. The release plan.

Coins of Russia 2019

All coins of the Bank of Russia for 2019.

Coins of Peter the Great 1700-1705

History. Description. Market price.

numismatist's Alphabet. Obverse and Reverse.

Ways to determine the correct side.


Postage stamps of 2020

And other filmaterials released or planned for release in 2020.

Postage stamps of 2019

as well as envelopes, postcards, and special stamps for 2019.

alphabet of the philatelist. The up zubtsovku.

History, types, methods of definition, and falsifications.

Empire Stamps. Until the first issue.

History of the first brand in Russia.


What icon catalog do I need?

Discussion of cataloging criteria.


the First banknote of Russia.

Creating the first banknotes. A dispute about the championship.


New year on postcards.

Late XIX-early XX.


questions about creating a catalog.

basis for the catlog. Point of view.

collecting QUESTIONS

Why do people collect?

Psychological portrait of a collector.


March 1

1995, issue of stamps 'Nature of the North'

March 2

1989, 1P. '175 years since Shevchenko's birth'

March 3

1948, issue of 'Sport in the USSR' stamps

March 4

1978, issue of the '100th anniversary of Kustodiev's birth' stamp

March 5

1959, issue of the 'Memory of frédéric Joliot-Curie' stamp

1960, issue of the 'Fauna of the USSR' stamp. Hare'

in 1960, the stamps 'Airmail. Standard edition.'

March 6

1991, issue of the '125th anniversary of Lebedev's birth' stamp

March 7

1987, issue of the 'eller H. Ya.. 100 years since birth'

March 8

1949, issue of stamps 'international women's day on March 8'

1960, issue of the '50th anniversary of International women's day' stamp

March 9

1984, issue of the stamp ' Yu. a. Gagarin. On the 50th anniversary of his birth'

March 10

1978, issue of stamps 'Joint Soviet-Czechoslovak space flight. The Union-28.'

March 11

1966, the 'all-Union society of philatelists (VOF)' was founded

March 12

1949, issue of the mail block '25 years since the death of V. I. Lenin'

March 13

1959, issue of the stamp '100 years since the birth of A. S. Popov'

March 14

1956, issue of the stamp '50th anniversary of the December armed uprising in Moscow.'

March 15

1954, issue of the stamp '50 years since the birth of V. P. Chkalov'

1989, issue of the stamp '150 years since the birth of M. Mussorgsky'

March 16

1950, issue of stamps 'Monument to Pavlik Morozov in Moscow'

March 17

1941, issue of stamps '20th anniversary of the death of N.E. Zhukovsky'

1951, issue of stamps '25 years since the death of the Soviet writer D. A. Furmanov'

March 18

1949, issue of the postal block '25 years since the death of V. I. Lenin'

March 19

1996, issue of the historical coin series ' 1000th anniversary of Russia. Dmitry Donskoy'

March 20

1933, issue of the stamp 'all-Union philatelic exhibition in Leningrad'

March 21

1951, issue of the stamp '50 years since the death of K. A. Savitsky'

in 1980, the release of the brand 'George OTS. 60 years since birth'

March 22

1994, issue of the coin ' Outstanding personalities of Russia: 185 years of Gogol.'

March 23

1988, issue of the stamp '120 years since the birth of a.m. Gorky'

March 24

1994, issue of the 'Cathedrals of the world' stamps

March 25

1993, release of the brand 'Medicinal plants'

March 26